God is Fair

A thing that still bothering my mind is, when we fail at something and then the person who beats me was cheating and do everything for reach what I've reached. I'll understand if they done it by the right way, it means that my job has declined and I have to increasing them sooner. But, what are you gonna do if they were cheating?

In this case, rank.

Nggak adil sama sekali kalau mereka bisa menempati posisi aku selama ini, with a totally pathetic way. Dengan cara membuat tulisan-tulisan kecil pada waktu ujian kemarin, and voila they got an amazing score. Perfectly better than me. Dan guru, they don't know any of this cheating way. Mereka cuma bisa berpikir kalau orang-orang curang adalah orang yang benar-benar pintar, which had done the job nicely, which were listening at them seriously, which were not busy with their own boy/girlfriend. It's totally bullshit. They don't know any of their damn cheat!

Kalau mereka benar-benar bisa menempati posisi aku selama ini, how come? I did stay up till the midnight, I did wake up at four o'clock, I did the right way. I'm not writing the eenie meenie smallie text that you could place it under your worksheet. But if their fucking way done better than me, is it fair if they got the position?

Mungkin untuk beberapa orang, hal ini gak begitu penting. But not with me. Seharusnya aku masih kelas tiga SMP sekarang, bukan kelas satu SMA. Menurutku, ini salah satu faktor yang bikin aku jadi orang yang ambisius dan perfeksionis. Dari kecil, aku udah diajarin kalau ilmu itu nomer satu. And in the other side, hal itu bikin aku sukses dalam hal ranking sampai sekarang. aku orang yang gak mau kalah. Essentially, I'm not mentally ready if my rank goes down.

Tapi kalau dipikir-pikir, untuk apa mikirin ranking yang sebenarnya bisa dengan mudah dibeli siapa aja? God is fair and it is. Kalau mereka dengan cara yang curang bisa dengan gampang mengambil posisi itu dan kita dengan cara yang halal bisa merosot, apa Tuhan diam? Remember, God never sleeps. Mungkin mereka bisa mengambil posisi itu tapi apakah mereka benar-benar mengerti dengan apa yang mereka kerjakan dengan curang itu? Jadi yang terpenting di sini sebenarnya bukan kedudukan ranking, karena ranking bisa dibeli. Tapi masalah pemahaman, you have to repeat the whole one year to get it.

And God is fair, let's see who's gonna be truly success in the next year. Hey cheaters, my God is bigger than your cheating paper :)

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