life seems too fast, i thought i was playin at kindergarten yesterday.

I attended the graduation of the 4th class about a week ago, and I'm the photographer. They are no longer being a student anymore, well, goodbye seniors, welcome to the real world. I think I still have the other fun seniors, the third grade. But yes, they'll go PKL and I only have the second grade seniors! It's sad remember all of the seniors should be gone soon. I mean, they're not only seniors. I've considered them as my own brother and sister.

And then I'll be gone to the next grade. And the second grade will be gone to their third grade.

And then I'll up to the third grade, as the third grade will be gone PKL.

And then me, who was still playing in the kindergarten yesterday, who was just swinging at the swing an hour ago, should go PKL.

Does the time go faster, or it was just me who growing up as the time goes on?

And finally, I will become a 18 years old girl which has to be ready facing the real world. Real world.

Wish me luck.

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