bad start

i woke up better late than usual this morning and then i walked out of my room to the kitchen. i reached the handle of the back door and tried to turning the key. and it didn't open. i tried again. nothing happened. i've got my patience and that beautiful-wonderful-great-little-word came from my bloody mouth. well, not a word at all! i was just groaned. and she heard it, because she also was in the kitchen that time. believe me, that little groan sent me into the hell, into the whole discourse in the morning when i should be settled down some things and simply eat my breakfast. and guess what is the result!

i'm not allowed to touch my computer if tomorrow was a schoolday and i'm only free double-click that Flock Web Browser icon on saturday night but only until nine pm. and plus, no handphone.

this is it.

so trust me, don't even try to groan when your mother was on her period because it will be increasing her emotion and all we have to accept is the unfairness thingy.

thank you, mother.

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