something and everything

barbara shared everything yesterday. well, when i say everything, it IS everything. firstly, Miss Lidya, the guidance counseling teacher, arranged us to play some simulations in our broadcasting studio. they were exhausting but great at the same time. we devided to several groups. my group's name is Like This (Bamby proposed that ridiculous name). the first simulation is fell back and down. two table stecked up and all we have to do is climb onto the top of the table and turn back. the other group members have to catched us up when we plunge straight into the back and all we could do is pray pray pray and pray so that we won't break our bones. the second simulation called Komunikata. a member from another group whisper a sentence into the ear of the very back of our members. and then the hindmost have to whisper the sentence til the front member of our group. okay it's hard to explained. and the last is! sharing. everyone had been a truthfully person yesterday. that time was touching us. some of us crying, some of us angry, some of us still. but in the end, we knew that the truthness and the trustness are the best way we could keep. and we hugging each other! i love barbara so much. i've never ever ever ever ever found the fellows like them. i'll post some pictures later. they were great great great great and awesome! and a little bit crazy but don't worry, they don't bite. wohoooooo it's a half past ten in the night and i have to wake up earlier tomorrow. good bye, bloggies! heve a nice dream, have the nice fellows, have the nice classmates! the truthness and trustness would be such a powerful charm!

♥ Chacha

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