Animal Print

I forgot my bloggie *sigh* since I've been (pretending to be) so busy making some fanfics (Dramione yay!) so I have to read some fics for improving my writing skill. and actually looking for any idea. yesterday I read fic by fic, chapter by chapter, and I didn't realize that I was still awoke until TWO am. i thought it was TWELVE in the middle night, but I was wrong. so this morning I woke up at ten am. some people think that a girl mustn't be lazy as I am. but I was desperately need sleep! firstly I wanna share some dramione fanfics here but I'm not on my mood. so I'll post a little bit trend of fashion 2010 here. though I'm not as great at Tavi.

well, I'm deeply interested in animal print. I think it's so 2010. unfortunately I haven't bought any of them yet! but I sure will. the picture below is the best mix and match of animal print.

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and yes, I know nothing but I love fashion. not really addicted as much as Harry Potter (lol) but at least I know how to wear and mix and match and not to hurt anyone's eyes.

and IF any of you want to read my fanfic, just click here. I beg you a review, okaaaaay? XO

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