Belvina Riverbank

first of all, guess what! I haven't sleep since yesterday and it's three in the morning. yay! I've never been this far. so anyway, I wanna tell you about another me in the magic world. Belvina C. Riverbank. if anyone have an account on indohogwarts just meet me there, okay? it's just like a RPG (Role Playing Game) based by text. it doesn't like gaia online or small world or meez or weeworld. we write.

let's introduce another me! ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Belvina Cedrella Riverbank!

well, actually it was my signature in indohogwarts LOL. and guess who is she? it is Brooke White. an American Idol. that's enough. I have to sleep or tomorrow (I mean this afternoon) I won't be able to visit internet anymore. hiksssssss. okay, bye. xo

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