the picture above is my own shot! I'm amateur -____-

last day of a long holiday! phew. I think I'll meet another long holiday when I had finished next term. whoaaaaa I should be missing this holiday! Be starting school from tomorrow! Well, I've been missing my classmates already. And with my broadcasting school busy activities, I think I will rarely post on my blog.

I haven't post my resolutions and wishlist here on my blog, have I? Well now I'll post about those things. though I was too late, yehehe.


1. Pray is number one. I should be increasing the amounts of my pray.
2. Buy 12 novels or more.
3. Get #1 ranking again
4. Make a novel (okay it IS amusing but I'm serious)
5. Room decorating
6. Learn about saham from the internet (it should give me more allowance muhaha)
7. Learn about CSS layout blogger


1. iPhone --I wanna change my mobileeeeeeeee, mommy!
2. Laptop
3. Canon DSLR
hope I can meet them. yay! and fyi, in January 15th I turned 15. 15 in my 15! 5 days to go, bloggies! XO

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