I see you. No, I saw you.
I love you. No, I loved you.
I beg on you. No, I begged on you.
I smile to you. No, I smiled to you.

You see me. No, you never saw me.
You love me. Not. Yes, you love me not.
You make me high. No, you made me high.
You smile to me. No, You smiled to me.

She loves you. Yes, she does.
And you do too.

She has changed your way.
Even if you actually do know which is the right one.
Or, even not?

She grabs you. Your hand.
And you follow her.

She borrows you. For a period that I don't even know.
And you don't even know too.

She steals you. From me.
And you don't mind.
Besides, she is beautiful, right?
She is way better than me.

So you don't even mind.

She still stays beside you.
No, I'm wrong.
You stay beside her.

Well then, if you don't mind
If you don't mind spend your lifetime with her
If you don't mind give you smile to her
If you don't mind share your laughter with her

Then I will not mind too

Then I do not mind too

Have a good time, okay?

I hate you :)


Corat-Coretan Anak Sekolah said...

I like this. Mmmmmmm, No.
I really love this :)

Ka Caca always can make some to be special :D


Mirdza Annisa said...

omg fitri thank you :D padahal ini sangat biasa sekali -___-