how's your report? i've gotten mine

Hey everyone, want to know a secret? God never sleeps. That's how our wishes come true. The reason why God knows every single thing we thought, every single thing we wished for. By the way, how's your report? I hope yours' the best God has given for you. And a bunch of thanks for the du'a! I got the #1 rank again! It's dedicated to Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala, my super mother, beloved father, my little sister, a whole big family, and you guys all. I was nervous if I lose my rank, because I'm not studying that maximal this semester. But, really, God gave me a chance. I swear I'll keep His chance and do my maximum strength next semester. I got a plan for the holiday too. I wanna visit some bitches beaches, and go to the Jakarta Fair (because I'll spend my holiday there) then buy some camera toys! I'll post my holiday trip here as soon as I've reached Jakarta. And how about your holiday plan? Take an adventure, or visit some malls? Just share with me, I'll love it!

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