15 Things Guys Don't Know About Girls

Never been this uncreative before. I don't know what thing I'm supposed to post. I have no idea at all, so when I visit Cassandra Niki's blog, I read some posts and finally I post this.

1) We want you to still say we look beautiful even if we're covered in mud.

2) We think your collection of porn is pathetic and immature.

3) We love it when you hold our hand in public.

4) Don't use sex as an apology, we will still hate you afterwards.

5) Of course, we think about you all the time. Even when we're extremely upset with you, we still expect you to call.

6) Make fun of our clothes........prepare to die.

7) We love it when you make us laugh, but knowing that WE CAN MAKE YOU LAUGH is the best feeling in the world.

When we tease you, tease us back and make us laugh.

9) Please don't play video games while you're with us.

10) We are planners. We plan things. But try to surprise us.

11) Sorry, but we might leave you for Johnny Depp.

12) We remember everything, so minimize the possibility of doing anything stupid.

13) Anything you say or do with another girl that you don't want us to know about is considered cheating.

14) When we cry, don't ask us to stop. Hug us and let us cry all over your shoulder.

15) Stop acting so smart, ask for our advice. Trust us.

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