God, I know it's wrong. I mean, why did I write a lot of love postings nowadays? It's bothering me sometimes. My mother just said, "Are you in a relationship?". Geez, and I said, "No, I've said that I don't wanna have a boyfriend.". "But, you're look like that. Don't hang your relationship like this, girl.". "No, I don't hang it on. Me and him are only friends. That's all."

And I'm so confused right now. Do I have to only stay at our friendship or take a step forward. I mean, he's the guy that can create an atmosphere around people, and we will be crazy to each other when we meet. But if I do the relationship between us, it would be stale. Stale! HE IS A GREAT BEST FRIEND, GOD, BUT I LIKEEEEE HIM SO MUCH. SO GIVE ME A GUIDE, SHOULD I STAY IN THIS FRIENDSHIP OR GO TO THE RELATIONSHIP?

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