Three Reason of Fifty

The three reasons of 50 Reasons.

1. Because you're a clown.

You never act cool or showing your handsomeness when you're in the crowd of many girls. You always make me laugh. The others do too. But you never shy for showing your ugly face when you made face with us. I mean, honestly, why should I like to be close with you? lol. You are weird, you are freak, you are nonsense, you are ugly when you making face. But you are my clown. You are the laugh in my sadness. You are the colour of my gloomy days. You are so annoying because after I finished crying, I laughed silently when I see you laugh. You had done the great job, dude. You're success made me laugh in all of my day for almost one year. You are a great friend, a great best friend!

2. Because you always make me bad mood.

Remember our first time on Yahoo! Messenger? That's one of the many reason why should i be bad mood. You mad at me suddenly, that time. I was so confused because I've done no fault at all. I apologized to you, but what did you do? You were just continuing your bloody sentences. I got my nerve and gone bad mood. And guess what that you did? You said, "Hooray! I've made another girl annoyed. That was only a joke, cha." My jaw opened and I signed out from that Messenger. You said sorry. You often ask me something useless about ME. And then I will ask you to stop, but you'll still talk about it. You often say the wrong sentences. I mean like this afternoon, It's because I have to cut my hair and I ruined our plan to go buy ice cream, right? I've apologized to you, but you said that you're the one who done the fault, and then you apologized to me because you don't have much plenty time for me. Gawds, it is my fault, and you blame yourself for it? Please! And you did what? You accused me that I would be mad at you because you didn't buy me an ice cream, and you said you didn't want me to be mad at you. Ahhhh, you got my nerve, boy. And then I went bad mood. It was all because of you.

Okay, stop all the past. It will make me bad mood again.

3. Because you're patient.

How angry I was, how bad mood I was, how arrogant I was, you always say sorry. You always beg me an apologize. Even though I'm not that mild to apologize you as soon as I can, but you always patient to overcome our, i mean, your problem. You often said that patience is the key for the success. Okay, I'll try it. Thanks for the lesson, dude. You got the point!

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