exhausting week

haaaaaaaa i've been very busy this month! i've done shooting with all of colour production's crew last friday, and Mrs. Mila chose me and Bamby to be the photograph coordinator because we'll held an open house next April (it's called Dies Natalies). and i've just done the concept with Bamby this afternoon. it made us go home lately. he picked me up and then the rain fell down. he offered me his jacket, but no, i said that i can handle it (but in fact i got a flu right now). we drove through the rain. it was cold yet fun lol. and so i have to go to the Cimindi's fly over tomorrow at eight am. THEY'RE STEALING MY SUNDAY AGAAAAIN! we'll draw a mural painting on the pillar for seven hours. could you believe it? oh yeah, and there'll be monday that i have to presenting our concept that we've done in front of the open house committe. aaaargh i wanna upload some photos that we took when we did shooting, but they're in dodo's camera :( i'll upload them later.

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Ratna said...

kenapa sih jeketnya gak di pake aja padahalkan seneng LOL
Eh foto - fotonya ada di aku bukan di dodo