it is March 1st and i hope all of your wishes come true. i'm just a huge mere fan and you don't know me. but i hope your life's going better, i pray for your career, your love life, your everything! and of course, your new album which would be released a few days more. My World 2.0. Happy birthday, Justin Bieber! now you're bigger like your single title! woohoo hope i could meet you there. and anyway, the dirthday card is awful because it made by me. sorry, if it is ugly. once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JUSTIN BIEBER! YOU'RE THE BEST IDOL I'VE EVER IDOLIZED
your huge fan,

Mirdza Annisa :)

PS: God, I'm nervous!


ice blended vanilla said...

aaahhh justin bieber... he so cuteee

astari dhia nafianda said...

happy birthday justin ! love him too :)