be rained and shivering? no.

nite bloggies! i wanna share some random things in this post. i went home today at three pm as well. actually, it was abnormal remembering there're few days left to the day that we'll do shooting. yet again, our Production House hasn't done our script revision yet and it has to be collected on next monday. but i'm a stubborn-little-git-who-wanna-go-home-early, so i went home without permission to my producer.

shortly, it was a rainy day and there are lots of thunder in the sky. i was in front of my computer when i heard some horn voices came from the outside. they were ratna and dodo who sat on ratna's motorcycle, be rained and shivering.

"Chacha, i wanna use your loo. i can't stand it, i wanna pee!" ratna said as she put her motorcycle at the garage. i nodded and let her to use my loo.

well, THEY'RE WET. and fortunately, they brought their another uniform and got change after they used the loo.

i asked where the hell have they been. and they said, they were asked for the location permission for our shooting later. i'm a bad scriptwriter.

sorry if the pictures weren't that clear. i resized them.

she closed her face when i was saying that i'll take the proof for my blog lol

he asked that do i have a hairdryer or not, and then i said yes and gave it to him. bloody hell, he used that to dried his wet uniform.

whoaaaaaaa i couldn't upload any photos more! they're always failed. well, they weren't important at all lol.

okay so, in fact, they came to my house because they were looking for some foods! they were looking for my mother, because if she was here, they expect she will take care of them and give them some foods. but my mother wasn't at home lmfao she was at her campus. poor them.


Ratna said...


Mirdza Annisa said...

"Chacha, i wanna use your loo. i can't stand it, i wanna pee!" LOL

Ratna said...

Eta beungeut euy..

udah deh jangan ingat - ingat lagi. kejadin rumah pak Rw