Schooly Things <3

it was Ratna's on the left and another was mine.

my notes! my to-do-lists were there. i love its cover! i'll post it anytime here.

Diandra's black Chanel pencil case.

beloved fellows of mineeeeeeee! we took the picture in our broadcasting studio once when we had had a break. we were 30 on the class but i only take some of them. Lauvrien there on the left top who wore a pink hairpin on her hair; Mira is the one beside Lauv; and Adis is there beside Mira; Ricardo is the first from the left (bottom) HE'S (or she?) the only guy there LMAO; ME the one who wore a jilbab and looks idiot LOL; Novi who blocked by me hehe; Ratna who sat beside Novi; little Indira who shut a half from her eyes LOL; and lastly it was Diandra who lent me The Devil Wears Prada DVD! they're the best part of the class! <3

and let me choose one of them. i think the best picture from these is the shoesies one. i took it on the mornin' so it's still fresh. plus the green grass there and it was just simple! ooooh and i'd say i love the editing. yay!

p.s: they took me so loooooong to upload when mother said i only have an hour left to stay in front of the computer. geez i hate when the connection gone slower!


Ratna said...

ih cha sepatu jeleknya di pajang2..
wah fotonya meni rariweuh..
ahahah aku suka statment "ME"

Mirdza Annisa said...

hahaha iya dong wkwk jadi lu setuju gitu gue idiot! hmmmmmmmm