Flipped. The most beautiful love story ever.

So this is a movie about a girl meets her new neighbor. She loves him. He hated her. He thought she was annoying. But she kept on stalking. Something hurt her feelings. She started to move out of his life. But the more she moved, the more he realized that he likes her. He flipped. And it's the most beautiful thing ever happened. They both love each other. Sycamore tree. Eggs.

You'll know what I mean. I waste so much tears because of this movie. Titanic does have the most beautiful love story ever, but sorry, in my opinion, this is the most most mosstt beautiful love story ever. I recommend this for you. Even if you guys think this is not really important, then I can keep this movie only by myself. So I'm not pleading you guys to watch this, but I just wanna tell you that this worth your attention :')

You'll be touched.

For God's sake. I'm truly crying.


Because they were each other's first love.
Because for her, it was always only him.
Because he eventually realized what was always there.
Because he planted her, her very own sycamore tree.

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