why did i write these?

look, i love you and i'm such an idiot person, an evil little cockroach who can't just accept your offer that night. because you know what, i wanna adapt myself first, i wanna make it like a special day, not just a day that we could forget it easily. i know i'm selfish. you often try to understanding me, when i'm too blind to see it. i'm a childish jerk who was always making your day any worse. i've never been good enough to be yours. i don't even try to make your day any better, or even just a normal day. i'm a your-day-destroyer. you've always been trying to make my day better, but i don't know a thank you. i sometimes even angry to you because of nothing! i often do destroy your struggles and gone like a little girl who broke her mother's vase. kodok, i'm sorry. if there's any word more than sorry, i'll shout it out over a million times.

kodok, maaf atas semuanya ya. aku syg kamu.

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