Gaaah I miss posting! It's already a couple of week I didn't post, just like a month. I had a hot temperature three days ago, it's 39, but then again I had a lot of schedule this week so I forced myself to go through it. And that's absolutely disgusting because I didn't wash my hair for about a week! I desperately need a holiday, bloggers, desperately and eagerly. It's like I have to go to school everyday with a fragile body and a stinky hair, yuck! Fortunately, I had a hijab on top of my head. Alright, why did I have to go to school even in weekends? We held an Open House named Dies Natalies. As I'm a coordinator of Photography, that's why I must attend every briefing. Ah, and I had a Photography class with Om Pepet last Sunday at Universitas Widyatama. It would be cool if I had a good condition.

We went to a class and Om Pepet gave us a lot of subjects (that I've known before, anyway) and we have to take a candid photo. I took some, but I didn't give it to the committee because I didn't feel well that time, so I decided just to watch some band performs.

And the next day (which is Sunday) I got to go to school, because the technical data of some photos are still on my DSLR. Grawr! From Monday-Wednesday I have to stay at stand of photography because I'm the coordinator. We started a normal school day again at Thursday-Saturday, and I NEED MY HOLIDAY EVEN A JUST ONE DAY. So I decided not to hang out this Sunday because I loooooooooooooooove my Sunday and no one could disturb my schedule this time. Yeaaaaaaah!!!!

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