two posts in a day! gah. alright, I've watched two movies this week, so yeah, here they are.

3 Idiots movie poster by FontShop Benelux.

It's the story about three guys which started their study on the best Engineer College in their country. As every students have experienced, there are a lot of problem here. A suicide, and a time that a headmaster should be expelled them from the college, and how you have to maintain you friendship that you've built. This is the movie about friendship, about dreams, and about how life should go. Aal izz well, guys! This is the most watched movie this year! I watched it on the Videography subject, because the teacher want us to do so. So yeah, we watched. And when you feel sad or sumwhat, there'll be a funny things after a second or two. There's a lot lot lot lots of emotions in this film. So if you don't watch it sooner, you'll be the one who regrets. AAL IZZ WELL ;-D


Okay so I was too late to watch the movie in this week, because everyone had talked about it long time ago and many statuses I've read before. And this is another fantasy movie. Although I prefer Harry Potter (as I've idolized it long time ago), it has an amazing editing. The plot is awesome, and felt like I've watched the same movie but the again I remember that I watched a cartoon movie of Hercules, so the places are somewhat similar. Logan Lerman is soooooooo cute! But I still on your side, Justin :)

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