dear, boy

i saw you in the distance.
i tried to act normally, when you untidy her hair.
i followed you laugh, when both of you laughing.
i arched my lips upward, when you smile at her.
i pretended not to see, when you stare at her face.
i missed you, when i know that you miss her.
and i'm willing to be your nothing.
because she is already becoming your everything.


Lorriane Leo said...

chachaaa dalem bangedd, haha

Mirdza Annisa said...

dari hati sih kak hihihi :D

ratu27 mizt16 said...

Like Thiss... hehehe,, visit me yua : http://duniagueduniaratu.blogspot.com

Mirdza Annisa said...

thaaaanks :) okay visited