the movie i've been promised to post a few days ago. it talks about fashion and some stuffs like that. i couldn't really review too much about this movie, 'cause some of us (me and pals) talking too much and made me could't concentrate. you should just find the summary's here. i love fashion i love anne hathaway and this movie is awesome! you have to watch it.

okay, maybe this movie isn't famous as previous movie, but this is freakin' awesoooome! when we discussed about what's the movie we will watch, mira picked this. firtsly i hate this movie 'cause i saw its cover. it looks dream and i knew i wouldn't like it. BUT DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER. errr i mean don't judge a MOVIE by its cover, because it sometimes trapped you! no, don't ask me to make a summary here because you can't even find the summary on wikipedia. it took so long! i recommend you to watch it. once again, don't judge a movie by its cover.

this one is an animation. i picked this when we discussed about what movie that we will watch. so it's about a girl named Coraline (not Caroline) who was just moving into a new apartment and her new neighbor found a doll who really resembling her body, so he gave her that doll. one day, she found a little door which can only be opened when the parents were not home or sleeping. her parents weren't too care to her, more to busy in fornt of their laptops or computers. once she gone into the new world behind that small door (helped by jumping rats), she found her other mother and her other father which were nicer and inversely than her real parents. but their eyes wasn't eyes at all, they were buttons. who would have thought that her other mother was a wicked witch? NAH it's enough. no need to read next summary, it'll be better if you watch it. just believe me! :D

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