just blame me and my emotions. i can't handle those. i couldn't hold my anger. i couldn't bear the tears i've cried out. they were just gone out and i couldn't stop it when they went through with it. i sometimes feel lost, you know. it's just like shoo! then i feel lonely and nobody can't save me. it was like everything left me in the black world, no door, no light. okay it's exaggerate. but please, help me out of theeeeese problems. i wanna handle my emotions but they don't know. they don't even want to know that i worked hard to try to keep my emotion. it was just wrong. give me a chance. i ain't perfect. oh yeah, call me a crybaby girl, because i am. fighting, i'm not fighting. just try to talk about facts. but she didn't wanna hear me. i have a heart, you know. i've apologized to you. and the rest is yours. we're a team, okay? ;-(

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