the first day of school

i must say it sucks. i was thought that i would only stay at school with no activities at all, remembering it was the first day of second semester. and goodness i almost late to attend the ceremony. thought the headmaster would dismiss the whole class and let us go home and watch some DVDs with our besties (it was our plan initially! The Devil Wears Prada and the other DVDs), but instead of that we should attend classes and go home at three p.m as well. i miss my holiday already *digetok* LOL i was got that a few days ago, and i missed it already! what kind of student am i? well at least mother allowed me to touch the computer. hope tomorrow i have a strength to wake up and spirit to make some notes instead of doodling LOL. XO

ah i forgot the fanfiction thingy. next chapter will be up! (on saturday. hehe)

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